Tuesday, November 25, 2008

October Photo Recap

Oct 3 - Google Offsite, Central Park New York
aka Grown People playing hardcore Kickball

Oct 10 - Timpanogas Cave, American Fork, UT

aka Marcella is really cold

We hadn't even left the parking lot.
Green screen. Still in the parking lot.

On the other side? Narnia.

Later that night...
Peculiar dating rituals in Utah - pumpkin bowling.

OCT 11 - Bingham Canyon Mine: Magna, UT
aka the whole family is cold
Worst. Slogan. Ever.

Foreigners looking at how we make America beautiful.

Oct 18 - Applewood Orchard and Winery: Warwick, NY
aka Apple Picking and Puppet Shows

This apple picker was 3 feet long! Wow.

I had Marcella fill up on apples as we went so we didn't have to buy any.

No, that's not a man purse. It's a camera bag. I left my man purse in the car.

Don't worry, that creepy guy with the pony tail isn't stealing those puppets, he's the puppeteer. Nothing says good wholesome fun like tie-dye and 30 years of drug use.

We finished off apple picking with my first trip to the famous Katz's
Deli and their legendary corned beef and salami. We split a hotdog.

Oct 25 - Marni's Second Batmitzvah: Brooklyn, NY
aka celebrating 13 years of womanhood

I broke out the old mic and laid down some phat beats for the young people.
I look happy because I don't do this for a living anymore. ANYMORE!!


Oct 31st - Halloween: New York, NY
aka I'm too old for this

One of my coworkers dress up as a turtle...dressed as a shark.

I encountered this cat before we went out for the evening. He must have put a dream spell on me, because I fell asleep at the bar.

Goodnight October. Lights out.


The House that James Built said...

i hope you write a book one day, i'll buy a copy and buy a bunch to give as gifts all year. ps am i the only one that knows you have a blog? or did you specifically set it up just for me to look at?

Cameron said...

yep, you're the only one :)

i'll set aside 10 or so copies of the first book for you. any chance you could float me the money though? about $150 will do ;)