Saturday, April 25, 2009

Soppressata + Quesadilla = No sleepy

The results of the study are in. Eating a quesadilla, a hand full of grapes and a few slices of soppressata before bed results in being wide awake at 3:40am in the morning. I did not get paid enough to participate in this study. Come to think of it, I got negative money to be in this study since I paid for the grapes. I found the other stuff. Don't worry, I brushed it off, good as new.

Just kidding mom. I didn't eat food I found in the street. It was in our fridge. For weeks :) Mom still asks me if eat I vegetables and go to the dentist. I should have had an apple and brushed my teeth instead of the soppressata. The quesadilla I do not regret. It was delicious. I can't think of a quesadilla I've regretted. Perhaps mans greatest invention next to the leatherman and AC on subway cars.

There's something really calming about being awake at this hour though. So quiet. And New York is never quiet. It makes me think that nocturnal animals are on to something. Like iPod early adopters. Next thing you know we'll ALL be nocturnal. We'll be like, "ugh, it's so dark in my room, I can hardly sleep." We'll also have to evolve the skill of echolocation so we don't bump into parked cars. There's also the chance we'll continue to be day creatures. Only time will tell.

Next random urelated thought: It's supposed to be 85 degrees in NYC tomorrow. F. That has a double meaning, one of them is Fahrenheit. I've noticed Spring in New York is quite short. We actually had a snow flurry two weeks ago. Now we're in the mid-eighties? Winter, winter, winter, winter, SPRING (5 days), Summer, Summer, Oppressive humid Summer, Summer, FALL (5 days), Winter, winter....

And don't get me started about the cost of prescription drugs or the Yankees! I just realize that last paragraph was the equivalent of an old man yelling and shaking his fist as he talked to his house plants. I'm delirious. And I'm recording it.

I'll close with a picture. Bay Bridge at night. Since we'll all be nocturnal some day, this is what you should get used to:

Goodnight room. Goodnight moon. Goodnight noisy fighting stray cat by my window.

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