Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Staycations, not just for old people

Wow. I'm averaging one post every two months. True or false: Cameron does more blog posts a month than military squat thrust exercises? Wrong. It's false. I just did two squat thrusts. Glad we cleared that up.

Anyway, Marcella and I had a "staycation" last weekend in Manhattan. A "staycation" is where you trick your body into thinking its going on vacation, but instead you stay in the same place and spend just as much money as you would had you gone somewhere awesome and tropical. It's a real treat.

We decided to skip all the "touristy" things because that would be too obvious. We hate being too obvious when we staycation. So, dressed in our matching Disneyland denim jackets and gold lame (pronounced lah-may) fanny packs, we headed to central park. I'll tell you what, this Manhattan place is nutty. Nice place to staycation, but I wouldn't wanna live here!

Check out some of the locals:

The "wizard of central park" or "former investment banker"

Check out the little dog that can walk on two legs!
We gave the trainer a dollar but he must have expected more by the look on his face.

And of course, a singles gathering.

We ended the day with a sampler platter from Chiles in Times Square. Eat your artichoke hearts out people who live in Europe or the Bahamas for staycation!


Amber said...

I love that idea of a staycation. And what better place than NY??? I love that place. That was the best people watching EVER!!!!

The House that James Built said...

i slap a leash on jonah in public and it's probably saved his life at least once or twice. i'll be sure to include one in your future baby's gift...:)xoxo